PCB style Transformer 6VA

230V 50Hz input, 3 separate outputs 18.0V @ 350mA, 2 X 17V @ 16mA Laminated and Bobbin style construction with integral pins for PCB mounting Designed and manufactured to CE(EN61558) and UL file No E254357 Dimensions 48.2mm x 40.1mm x 38.3mm Weight 0.29Kg Full specification and drawing available

Toroidal Power Transformer 300VA

230V 50Hz input, 27.5v at 10Amps output. Designed and manufactured to BS EN60950 and BS EN61558. Complete with integral 85ᵒC Thermal cutout NC, and thermistor 10kΩ for Temperature Measurement and protection. Dimensions 115mm OD x 60mm height. Weight 2.55kg Includes mounting hardware. Input Connections PVC flexible leads to 7 way JST in line connector Output Connections PVC flexible leads to 6-32UNC ring crimp Full specification and drawing available.

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